Reimagining Digital Identity

What is Mooti digital identity?

Mooti is reimagining the security and utility of personally identifiable information and authentication based on our self-sovereign identity solutions, asymmetrical encryption, and blockchain technology.

By reimagining the possibilities for identity, we can begin to create opportunities around the world for companies, organizations, and, more importantly, people.


Create, verify, authenticate (including biometric), and authorize a digital identity for your organization’s users. Establish portability, compliance and a verifiable blockchain based audit trail for public and private environments.
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Provide solutions for digital blockchain interaction between people, assets, and things for enterprises facilitating economic interactions (e.g., exchange wraps wallets, encrypted communication, payment solutions, asset custody, etc.) in a secure and trustworthy manner.
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Facilitate and support the building of advanced digital systems and networks for new market value interactions between people, companies, and the environments to promote a self-sovereign world.
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Our Partners

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