Case Studies

Mooti works with a wide array of clients and partners across a variety of sectors including international social enterprises, user privacy focused tech companies, and industrial partners. Our clients value giving their users control of their own digital identity, securely encrypting their own data with keys they control, and also guaranteeing the integrity of their internal datasets by bridging local databases to private and public blockchains.

Secure Financing for Entrepreneurs

Financial Services | Brasilia. Brazil

Approximately 80 million people in rural Brazil are underbanked and they do not have access to capital or ways to build a reliable credit history. The existing processes of providing micro-finance and identity to beneficiaries in local co-operatives lack efficiency, transparency and scalability.

Moeda needed a solution that enabled them to create unique identities for local co-op members and facilitate access to finance in a secure environment.

Mooti’s solutions

  • MootiEdge Self-sovereign Mooti ID on mobile
  • Identity & Blockchain protocol technology guidance

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Engaging Fans in Professional Football

Sports & Entertainment | UK & US

Blocside is a digital platform for football fans to leverage frictionless payments, mobile ticketing, gaming, and blockchain technology to improve fan engagement within professional football.

Blocside needed an mobile identity solution and blockchain technology expertise to support the development of their digital ecosystem focusing on sports ticketing, merchandise purchasing, and improving interactions among fans within stadiums and affiliated merchants.

Mooti’s solutions

  • Mobile development for Andriod & iOS
  • MootiEdge self sovereign Mooti ID on Mobile
  • Digital wallet architecture
  • Identity and blockchain technology guidance

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Smooth Logistics for a Global Supply Chain

Supply Chain & Logistics | Seoul, South Korea

One of the largest global steel manufacturers is striving to advance enterprise resource planning using advanced technology and coordination.

They could not easily enable second factor authentication for their users access supply chain leverating ERP technology and mobile devices were not an option. This constraint led to a limited ability to create self sovereign Private Keys for their users. Mooti worked to create an infrastructure where they could still create these keys and use them to establish a digital identity, securely use that identity, and write the data to an auditable blockchain.

Mooti’s solutions

  • MootiEdge dFingerprinting (unique multi-factor model of identity without 2FA or mobile identity)
  • MootiEdge executable system image instances

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