We work in the digital identity and data integrity space to help our clients and partners securely identify and authenticate their users.

Our strong belief in the idea of a self-sovereign digital identity is what guides our projects. This idea goes beyond the concept of standard organization based identity and provides users with–individual control, security and full portability. This is accomplished by creating or enhancing your existing Android and iOS Mobile Apps to securely allow for the usage and management of asymmetric cryptographic key pairs for digital interactions. Our hosted or an on-prem server solution receives communication from your mobile apps to verify a user’s identity, enables password-less login via QR code, and aligns internal data hashes to public blockchains.


Our core product is a combination of mobile app libraries and a related server which help our clients to navigate through common challenges such as:
  • How can I give my users an easy way to securely authenticate and identify themselves but also let them retain true control over that identity?

  • How can I enable features such as passwordless login for my users and let them encrypt data with keys that only they can access?

  • How can I enforce data integrity and let others verify that internal records and logs have not been altered or tampered with?

MootiEdge consists of 3 major components that work together to solve these problems.

Mobile Libraries

Libraries and code available on Android and iOS that a development team can integrate into their existing application to quickly establish and manage key pairs.

White Label App

White label Android and iOS applications that leverage our libraries and can quickly be redesigned and launched in the app stores with your logos and branding.


MootiServer which receives identity and authentication requests from your mobile apps, can communicate with your other internal systems and keep track of these requests in a small internal blockchain. The internal blockchain data can also be optionally written to a public blockchain. This creates an immutable proof that your internal identity and login data is accurate and has not been tampered with since creation.

Advisory Services

Problem: How do I deliver a self-sovereign identity to each of my users and empower them through their identity? In addition to providing secure digital identity products to various institutions, Mooti also advises clients and supports every aspect of their adoption of blockchain technologies. These services primarily include:

  • Self-sovereign Digital Identity Strategy - Digital transformation paves the way for new approaches to managing identities that not only strengthen business processes but also support and empower innovation. Our digital identity services can help you create unique, self sovereign identities for the customers who value privacy as much as you do and a roadmap for the future.

  • Privacy by Design and Compliance - Ensuring privacy and security through every phase of the data lifecycle–collection, use, retention, storage, disposal or destruction–has become crucial to meet and maintain regulatory compliance, protect business brand, and preserve customer confidence. Our experts can help craft a personalised strategy for our clients to minimise compliance risk in wake of global regulations such as GDPR, KYC, FIPS among others.

  • Blockchain Advisory - Distributed ledgers, commonly referred to as Blockchains, are being leveraged by a variety of industries for multiple applications. From financial services to airlines to manufacturers, Blockchain technology is impacting and often redesigning traditional business methods. The applications are wide-ranging, as the potential of Blockchain continues to be discovered. As experts in disruptive technologies, Mooti can help you provide valuable insights on how to best apply, integrate and benefit from various blockchain technologies.

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